CEO Challenge

What is a CEO?  Well, this is what we will be calling “Completely Executed Objects”  and you will find that you will become the boss of your sewing room.

This is how it will work:

  1. Make a numbered list of 6 projects you wish to complete in the next 6 months (through June).  This can be a binding or something that you’ve only cut out or anything partially finished, something that has been started just not completed.  Make the list in the order you wish to finish the project, so number one would be January’s project, two would be February’s project and so on.   Then email a copy of the list to or bring in a written copy to the shop. Keep a copy for yourself.  You can share photos on our Facebook ( page if you’d like.
  2. Finish that month’s project before the end of the month and bring it in for show and tell.  We will take pictures and post your finished pictures in an album on our Facebook page.  You will be entered to win a $25 Material Girls Gift Card for each month that you bring in and show us the finished item.  If you are out of town, email us the picture of the finished project and we can post it in the album.
  3. At the end of the six months, everyone who has finished all six of their projects will be entered in a drawing for a $50 Material Girls Gift Card!    We hope that a lot of you participate and become the Boss of your sewing room.
  4. Lists need to be submitted by Saturday, January 9th.

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