Sew Together Bag 3

Hi there!

I recently made a Sew Together Bag, pattern by SewDemented. Here’s how I did it…

So the next thing you need to do is to start putting together the pockets after you have them laid out how you want them. I used 14 inch zippers for 2 reasons.

#1, We have a bigger selection of colors in the 14 inch zipper than the called for 9 inch.
#2, It’s easier to sew in a zipper that is longer than you need.

Let me explain that #2 part… So when you’re sewing in a zipper, you need to stitch all along the side, fairly close to the teeth depending on what style zipper you’re putting in, right? Right. So what happens if you use a zipper that is exactly the right size? You have to fiddle with the head of the zipper, stopping sewing, hoping it will be small enough to fit under your presser foot so you don’t have to cut the thread and start a new line of stitching, and also hoping it doesn’t catch the thread, also requiring you to stop and start. Pain in the rear if you ask me. So, what do you do if you use a zipper that is LONGER than what you need? You put that head down at the bottom, off the area where you’ll be sewing. It stays out of the way, no stopping and re-starting.  Now if you begin to panic, thinking there will be a long tail of the zipper hanging out, don’t worry. We can cut it off once we’re done sewing both sides of the zipper into the fabric. Just zip it up, stitch across the bottom end a few times creating a thread stopper, then cut off the rest. If you’re still worried, you can even melt the very bottom (don’t get flame too close to the fabric, we don’t want to set the cotton on fire). But I find melting un-necessary.

Another thing that I did to keep the zipper in place while I stitched, I used Bohn 1/4 inch Double Face Basting Tape. It kept it in place without having pins making little divots in the stitch line.

To be continued…

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