New Sewing Class Program

We are sew excited here at The Material Girls!  We are starting a year long school of sewing, using the School of Sewing book by Shea Henderson!   This program is designed for the beginning sewist, so even if you’ve never sewn before, there is space for you. There will be 12 projects and I’ve included photos of two of the projects here.

We will be meeting on the third Sunday of every month.  There is a registration fee that includes the book; every month there is a cost of $20 for a three hour lesson.   The first lesson does include the material for your first project.  We are limiting this program to the first six that register.  You can register at or, if you have questions, call us at 313-561-1111

November and December News

We at the Material Girls are wishing all of you a happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  We will be celebrating from now until Christmas in a variety of ways, and you are invited to join us!  Are you busy making gifts and other decorations?  Feeling a bit overwhelmed?  We have “sew in” days at the shop if you need to get away! Give us a call for the latest updates on these.

People have been asking if we will have Black Friday specials, yes, we will.  This is the first time we are doing this and will be opening at 9:00 AM on Friday, November 28th and will have a GREAT SPECIAL for you.  This will be announced in our newsletter on Monday, November 24th, and promises to save you a lot of $$.

On Shop Local Saturday, November 29th, we will be open regular store hours, and will be honoring all of you that shop locally.  Stop in for a treat and start filling in your “wish list” for the many products that you would love to have in your stocking.

And speaking of stockings……we will again celebrate our Secret Santa Days, December 1-10, offering a special buy for just one day, to fill your Secret Santa bag here in the shop.  We will collect everything for you and it will be ready for pickup or shipping on Friday, December 19th.  These specials will be offered in an email to you on a daily basis, through our newsletter.  If you do not receive our newsletter, sign up for it at and you will be certain to get the information.

Christmas in July

Merry Christmas! Ok, so it’s still summer, but it’s a good time to start thinking about those holiday decorations and presents. I got to work on a paperpieced top for the shop. It is the “Little Bit Shorter Tall Tree“. The tissue paper pattern was not as easy to work with as Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper, but the pattern itself was pretty simple and easy. I’d do another like that in a heartbeat. My only suggestion is that you should make yourself a key. The greens are labled G1, G2 and so on. I made a key that described each fabric that was picked for each designation.

I am SO in love with paperpiecing!

Paper Piecing Class

I had a lot of fun in the paper piecing class. It was so simple to make a VERY complicated looking piece. As the instructor said “If you can count and stitch on a line, you can do paperpiecing.”

It is like color by number, for fabric. Pat made it so easy, I’m going to have my Mom try it tomorrow. (She used to sew Dad’s shirts, but hasn’t done more than hem pants or curtains in more than a decade, and never any piecework/quilting.) It’s going to be a quilting playdate. :)


Grand Re-Opening!

This week from Tuesday-Saturday, April 22-26 2014, we are having our Grand Re-Opening! We’re celebrating our expanded space and new, open, brighter look.

We’ll be having some specials during the week (keep on top of them by signing up for our e-mail newsletter) and for every $10 you spend, you can earn a ticket for a drawing to be held on Sunday the 27th.

We’re also going to have a guest speaker in on Friday afternoon at 1pm. Hank Czerwick and his daughter Jennifer will be coming in to speak about those iconic Singer Featherweight sewing machines. If you have one, or are interested in finding out how to get one, come and be part of the discussion on the 25th.

Wholecloth Baby Blanket

Wholecloth blanket sounds much better than what I’ve been calling it, “The Cheater Blanket”. You saw the fabric I used for the blanket in the previous post, with the dotted lines around the patches of the prints in the collection. Well, what I did was sandwitch Quilter’s Dream Cotton/Poly blend between the two brushed cotton fabrics, I used my Bohin bent quilting safety pins, and my Kwik Klip to shut them. (I started to shut them by hand and I remembered “Hey, I have an App for that!” and I showed my husband that even he could use it one handed. I love having tools to make things easier.) I then made 2″ bias strips of the Hot Air Baloon fabric, and used that to bind the edges. Instead of hand stitching the back, to save time, and add a little extra flair, I used a decorative stitch on Henry (My Brother Sewing Machine), that would catch the front and back for sure. I also used a label from our cute Handmade With Love fabric to put my name and the date on. To do the quilting, I used a shades of blue ombre thread. I wanted to give it depth of blues, not just one shade. I think it’s cute. My cousin seemed to like it too.

Sewing ADD

Ever have a bunch of sewing projects then you see fabric for a cute, easy little thing that won’t take much time at all, then you find yourself at the sewing machine zipping out the new project, with your “To Do” sewing list getting even longer? That is what I call “Sewing ADD”. You don’t have to work in a fabric shop to have it, but in my experience, it doesn’t really matter when fabric starts talking to you. This is how I have become the alien queen of UFOs (Un-Finished Objects). I need a pair of green antenna.

So, I have a cousin who is expecting a little boy, and I wanted to give her a little blanket for the baby to use in the car, or stroller, or to lay out the newborn on that won’t take much space, and that one of her girls might want to use for their baby dolls afterwards. Having a 6 year old boy, I know how hard it is to find cute boy stuff.  That being said, have you seen the new brushed cotton Story Book collection? It is so cute! In Blue, Pink, and some pieces in Yellow, it has Birds, Baby Clothes, Clouds, Branches, Stars, Airplanes, Hot Air Baloons, CASTLES and PIRATE SHIPS!!!

Did I mention I’m going to see my cousin on Saturday? Yeah…I am a bit crazy, but that’s what makes me loveable, right? So it’s not quite finished yet, and I’ll post a photo next week of the finished project, until then I’m using the aqua printed patchwork panel and the hot air baloons for backing and binding.

Just Do It!

I’ve been so busy with other things in life lately that I haven’t had much time to sew.  However, while traveling, and waiting in reception areas, I’ve been supporting my Pinterest addiction with my smart phone. One of the things I’ve been looking up are quilt blocks that look complicated but use relatively few wacky pieces. I’ve found that 1/2 square triangles can produce some beautiful, complicated looking designs, but are all about how you put those pieces together. They don’t look too difficult on their own. Anyway, here are some of the links that I’ve gathered on my Pinterest quilting board for 1/2 square triangles.

I picked up a 12.5″ square ruler. I figured it would help making squaring up corners easier, and it looks like “fussy-cutting” will be simpler. I also like that it has diagonal lines so I can make sure it matches up to my seams before I trim.

Now, I have not yet done this, partly because I’m intimidated. I see such beautiful items come into the store and I have to remember the quilt that my Dad is hanging onto.

He doesn’t like it because it’s perfect. He likes it because he remembers his grandmother sitting in the 1940s and stitching every little piece of fabric that was going to get used for rags into a quilt. It’s over top of a threadbare wool blanket that was probably also on it’s way out the door. It’s got several kinds of fabrics, the stitching isn’t always even, and it’s disintegrating, which is why we’ve framed a piece of it. He loves it because it makes him think of her. I have to “Just Do It” and “Make It Work”. No one will remember a quilt that doesn’t get made, perfect or not.

Great Grandma's Quilt

Great Grandma's Quilt

OH-MI Gosh!


This is my first Shop Hop, and actually, I’m spending it working at Material Girls. Tonight was the first night, and it was great meeting a bunch of new, fun, creative ladies. We have cutting tables set up in our fabulous new classroom space, and our circles quilt is up in the front window. We have special prices on books, patterns, specially marked fabrics and shop hop fat quarter packs. Passports are only $5 and get you access to these deals not only with us, but also with our partners. Check out all the details here.

I can’t wait to meet more new people this weekend. Creative quilters are so much fun! Come join us.

Busy Bees!

We have been so busy at the store lately! Have you heard that we have expanded into the space next door that used to be the karate dojo? There is a 4 foot doorway between the two spaces now. It’s been painted and carpeted and we’ve been moving fabric into the new space. It’s been better than getting a gym membership! One of the coolest things is our new classroom space. We’ve gotten so much moved around in the last week, it seems like very little is in the same spot. Here’s a sneek peek at our new look in-progress:

Come in and check it out! I bet you’ll find fabrics you didn’t even know we had.


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